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About Us

About the Creator

Anastacia Snelleksz founded Project Beauty in 2019 – after spending 20 years as an entrepreneurial business owner running brands which empower others to feel great in their own skin. She currently still runs her other companies which include Pole Princess – a franchise of pole dancing studios for fitness, and she is also a published author.   

Being an avid performer, and having produced many stage shows over the years, Anastacia developed a love for watching all the intricacies of performing come together – costuming, lighting – and of course, makeup!

She developed her skills in makeup application, not only through her Performing Arts studies, but also through practice – needing to apply quality makeup which could endure high levels of activity and sweat under the bright spotlights.  

The ability to explore creativity is of great importance to Anastacia, and she takes great passion in doing so through the countless looks which can be crafted through makeup. Dedicating time to your makeup application, should be seen as a form of self-care, allowing you to explore your creativity, and nurturing your body to enhance your natural beauty. There’s no doubt that when you’re looking good – you tend to feel good as well, and this can have powerful effects on your overall wellbeing.

About the Brand

At Project Beauty, we want makeup to be fun again! Remember the days as of hiding in your mum’s bathroom as a child – trying on her assortment of lippies? We’re all about losing that feeling of fear and reservation surrounding makeup application. Just like your former child-self, go for it gorgeous – you’ve got nothing to lose!

We don’t believe that makeup should be used to ‘hide your imperfections,’ as so many beauty advertising campaigns claim. We all have natural beauty and we see makeup as a celebration of that beauty – offering a way to enhance it, not hide it.

We also don’t believe that you should pay high prices for makeup just because the brand has chosen to pay for celebrity endorsements. We see our beautiful customers as the celebrities who back our brand. This is why we have developed a community of #projectbeauties who feature in our campaigns, and have the voice to choose the products we create. 

We’re a brand who produces good quality makeup at low cost. Our makeup is cruelty free, vegan friendly, contains no parabens, and we put our customers first. That’s what we’re all about!